Waste Water Parts            

MaxGlyde™ water treatment components from Interstate Plastics are manufactured from the highest grade of industrial plastics to provide higher impact and abrasion resistant properties than most engineered polymers.
With extremely high wear and chemical resistance, a reduced coefficient of friction, lighter weight and zero water absorption, Interstate Plastics' MaxGlyde™ series water treatment components are engineered and designed to maximize productivity and working life throughout the water treatment industry, especially when grit and chemicals attack moving parts.
   MaxGlyde™ Features:
-Abrasion, corrosion, impact and moisture resistant
-Low coefficient of friction.
-Completely inert to most corrosive chemicals
-Self lubricating
-Won't rust or seize
-Available in food grade and NSF compliant materials
-15% the weight of steel
MaxGlyde™ Benefits:
-Eliminate or minimize premature chain wear
-Handle a full working load of 78 and 700/720 series chain.
-Reduced down time and maintenance costs.
-Reduced power consumption.
-Extended component wear-life.
-Reduced installation and change-out time.
-Eliminate shaft installation problems.
-Quick and easy installation with splits parts available.

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MaxGlyde™ Products:
-H78 drive, idler, shear pin sprockets
-Jaw clutch with or W/O hand wheel.
-Trip cam sprocket with or W/O shear pins.
-Shear pin sprockets in UHMW, Nylon, Hybrids
-Cast Iron hubs replaceable teeth
-Replaceable teeth, UHMW, Nylon, Hybrids
-H78 combination split dish sprocket.
-720/715 flight sprockets.
-Standard, Split, Chain Saver, Offset designs
-Chain Tensioner.
-Return and carrying wear shoes.
-Split static bushing.
-Split shaft collar.
-Wear strips.
-Weld washers.
-Wall bearings
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